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Warning, a little bit of a rant coming on!

Good topic right about now especially with this BC wide fps draft going around as of late. I run semi private games here in Mission both night and day games and if I have to adhere to all this nit picking ( not going into details ) 8 days before my scheduled mil/sim on Sept 18th I will freak,I'll run rogue and run my own show labeled as private and take as many players as want to jump on board with me. Don't get me wrong I will adhere to and obey any rules at any field I decide to play at,but I will not force MY players that sign up for my sim's to adhere to anything other than what I post up.

Ok much better now,no more Joe pesci flare ups.

The moto I post under my game sign ups is as such:

"My games are for the not f@@kn' around crew,if this is you sign up,if it's not stay home"

So yes I take my airsoft seriously.....

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