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Lightbulb How serious do you take airsoft?

I know that this is a black and white topic with airsoft players, but I was wondering how serious everyone takes airsoft on their own personal level.

I know that in my opinion, its just a sport and a way to have some fun. Personally I love to see teams come out with matching gear and stuff, but whats your guys opinions on teams having a chain of command, having practices and having a basic training before being able to enter a team?

I'm not trying to start an argument here, I just don't see the point behind it, in my opinion it just seems over the top and a "want to be" Military thing. The point of this thread though, is so I might get the opinions from people who are on a team like I'm describing, to shed some light on why you do have the things I mentioned, and why they are important. Once again, this is all my opinion on it and am not trying to bash anyone, I am open to new things, I just want to understand a bit better. Thanks ahead of time for your replies,

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