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I have a feeling that the name-calling and shouting off vulgarities stems from the fact that this new generation of players are sheltered from actual human contact by things like Facebook and the internet, subsequently making them afraid of confrontation for problems like this. Shouting off profanities from a distance or privately to team mates is lightyears easier than actually confronting the player in question and risk having an awkward moment when they disagree with you.

Personally, I have the same fears of "provoking" others due to uncalled shots so I generally tend to avoid doing so. Should I feel that the player in question is a repeat offender or they're intentionally cheating - I usually use this trick to avoid any potential butthurts that may result: I tell them that my gun is experiencing hopup problems and ask if they felt any of my shots and that I had a perfectly clear shot at them.

Asking this way removes the tension from the situation and any butthurts from misunderstandings can be avoided.
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