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This is a problem I've found as well. It usually seems to stem from specific teams, not just random players. At large away games, teams usually display their own play style. If things are bad on their home field, they tend to bring it with them. It really comes down to the commanders. If your running an airsoft team, you don't want to play with guys that have usual attitude based symptoms. Quality not quantity I guess. It's easy for a whole team to get tarred with the same brush when they have bad players, they bring to away games.

When we bring our team to away games, best behavior, sportsmanship, and attitude are more important than ever. I have noticed many teams being black listed, and the improvement of gameplay at larger milsims. I don't want some jerk making my whole team look bad, never mind dealing with him every weekend at our own field. Every team goes through it's growing pains however, but it's important to look for the right guys to play. Just because someone has the time and money, doesn't mean they'll be a good airsofter. I believe this is why invite only games are becoming more prevellant.

But ya, it's starts on your home field. Be the one to set the examples, play sportsmanlike, and Remember that fighting does nothing but bring the whole team down. No one likes a whiner, but if nothing is reported then the behavior will continue.

On a side note; I'd like to mention the players who think they hit everything. But seem not to realize, their gun can't brush cut, their aim isn't very good, or sometimes their equipment is sub-par. They seem to be the ones that yell "COME ON!", or "CALL YOUR HITS!". Anyone else been just standing there, or walking by and the BB's aren't even coming close?

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