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Accidents will happen in airsoft. It is inevitably the risk players take. Even the best players will at some point make one of these mistakes as well. General fps limits being 400 - 420, you can injure someone. However major injuries are unlikely due to projectiles. Chipped teeth don't really count as an injury, as there is no health threat. Proper eye protection is your best friend though. This being the most dangerous part of the sport. Proper ballistic or safety approved eyewear is a must. When worn properly, you shouldnt be able to touch your finger to tour eye. Depending on your bone structure, you may need to find another set of eyewear that suits you. I have seen a BB stuck into someones cheek. So obviously there is a risk of permanent nerve damage. Although I've never heard of it happening, make sure your offers at least a minor layer of something over your temples. You can wear a mask, goggles, neck and throat protection as well. Most players won't over encumber themselves with these things. But if you don't wear them, you don't have the right to complain when you get shot. As far as minimum safe distance, there usually isn't one. With the exception of snipers shooting 450 plus of course. The closer you are, the easier it is to hit someones gear and not their face. Making a lot of rules based on maybes and a few careless players is not the answer. If your concerned, wear protective gear or run the risk. All players must watch what they are shooting at. And of course blind fire is dangerous.
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