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1) I've lost two teeth, both of them to gas guns
2) I usually play at 400fps indoors, doesn't bother me at all, but we've all got full face, so it's all good.
3) I know for a solid fact that there have been no less than 2 guns WELL OVER 500fps on airsoft fields in manitoba, one incidentally and one on purpose. And dozens that have been shooting above the limit and against the rules at games.
4) Of all the guns I've heard of being over the limit (which I don't condone), the only 3 complains I've EVER heard, EVER, about a hot gun, where the accused was asked to chrono their gun, in all 3 cases, the guns were well UNDER 400fps. One was even 310fps.

You still shouldn't have a hot gun on the field anyway, but the people with hot guns are always more careful of what they shoot. But one crybaby gets hit in the tender inner thigh with a 300fps marui and all hell breaks loose lol

And +1 on the M203 at close range. I know a guy who got hit in the balls at absolute point blank with a 203 shell.

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