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I just started this past season. My first game I came out unprepared protective equpment wise, I ware desert locust ballistic googles everytime I go and personally recomment for eye protechion. My first game I only had a neck wormer and black bandana. I ran and jumped to prone, as I looked up to see Snicky Sam shooting a burst of bb's from behind birtch trees from 20-30 ft with a sniper m16(fps unknown).
I got hit square in the upper lip and one hit my k-9 tooth. the whole tooth went numb instantly. Luckly the impact was spreed over two teeth, I only chiped the tip of the fang off, hardly notice able when I asked friends to check, they saw nothing. I only notice'd hours later before going to sleep what had happioned. Dentist said it wasent worth putting a small cap on and it dosent noticeably effect my smile.
Dispite that experience I havent missed a week this summer and dont plan to until someone puts me in the ground. I ware a face quard, as well as shemagh, and would recomment not going onto fields without such precaugtions without knowing the full risks of doing so, and can take personally resonsablilty for the out come. I hold nothing against Sam, and have aquired a Ares L1A1 fully upgraded internally that shoots 420fps plus semi only. I know now why NRA crazys wont give up there rifles after using it for two games so far. I hope this helps someone avoid getting into a game without knowing what could happion. Safetly is in everyones hands, and for thought can prevent almost all accidents before they happion.
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