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@Iggys : I never said that he discharged his battery with his charger, maybe you should reread my post... Here it is just for you :

"Here's what I think happened to your lipo :

1- 11.1 15c getting hot fast : the discharge rate of you're battery is too low for your gun.
2- "I get is a click that usually happens when I am low on juice" : If this happens you discharge the battery way too much.
3- Firefox batteries are just ok, try a better brand.

Conclusion that battery is dead, discharge it properly and send it for recycling.
What you need to do : Get a proper battery with at least 20c discharge rate (higher is even better). Get a good balance charger. Always balance charge the battery and use the storage mode on the charger after each game. This will allow you to keep the battery working for a long time."

Now I'm not suggesting he doesn't have a problem with his gun, I'm just saying he should change his battery because from the looks of it, he killed it. Just curious, have you tried one of these FireFox baterries? I borrowed one from one of my friends last week just for testing and it overheated in less than a minute in my gun. The only mod I have is a AWS Raptor mosfet and my gears are shimmed correctly. I normaly use 9.6v without issues.
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