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Law and customs

I'm a Canadian national but I've been living in Japan for about 7 years now, I started to play airsoft a wile back but now me and my wife are thinking about moving to Canada.
I try to read all the FAQ and rules of the forum as well as I could but I'm still not sure!

Ok I have a WE L85 and a Marui Glock17
Obviously I saw that I cant bring them back with me! So selling my L85 is my only option. I can probaly buy a new one or different one in Canada!
But for my glock I modified it quite a lot and I have mostly a lot of money into it and a lot of love for it lol
What parts from my glock can I bring back with me?
Metal slide?
Basically if I break it into pieces which ones can I bring back and can't?
Would it be better to ship some parts and put some other in my luggage?

Just to be clear im not trying to bypass the law in anyway and I didnt buy a gun in Japan to save money I live here so that the only reason I bought it here which to me is pretty logic lol?

Also what up with the transparent trigger frames?
I saw 2 or 3 canadian retailer that only have GBB pistols with transparent trigger grams is that standard for Canada!

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