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please STOP you are not addressing the issue that caused this. you said you REQUIRE an 11.1 v batt to turn it over... that means to us gun docs there is an issue in the gun. I am sorry but the advice being given is skewed. what kind of charger do you posses, is it lipo capable... is it nimh capable...(not all chargers will charge every type of battery) you said it doesnt discharge so that throws cbourdeau idea of to many discharges out window and buying a battery with a higher discharge rate will not help, your gun is pulling to many amps for a reason. running the battery lower then 3.0 Volts per cell means dont recharge that battery agian they are not meant to be drained that far. do you have a device to monitor cell voltage...? storage mode is not needed in between games, I dont even bother to do it for extended periods and have lipos running for years, balance charging is not needed everytime either. do you know that without a mosfet installed you are slowly burning your trigger contacts to nothing?

If any of this is giving you the "uhhhh whattt is he saying" feeling you need to re-think the lipo idea. just do some heavey research on how to properly use them and maintain them.

All I can suggest is have the gun checked out and tell them you want it to run on a large 9.6v battery and go that route. If they have issues accomplishing that then you need a new gun doc.

This of course is MY opinion but please at the least do a little research into the use of lipos.
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