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Originally Posted by Cliffradical View Post
Best advice:

-Save your money for two whole years, do not buy anything
-Drive to St. Johns and meet/ play some games with Gerk
-Pay attention to what the vets wear, why they wear it, and what they actually use
-Ask questions, even if they seem stupid; when you're new there's no such thing
-Go home Age Verified and excited, buy what you want online

I remember being 16, so I know how hard it will seem to be to do this.
2 years at that age seems like a long time, and relative to the amount of growth you'll see during that time it really is... but it will fly by so quick you'll hardly notice the wait.

If you can put away $10 a week until then and don't buy a damn thing until you're 18, you'll be able to buy everything you need in one lot, and you'll only be buying stuff you will use and enjoy.

It'll be awesome, just do it. You'll be thankful for it.
Best advice you could take.
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