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Lightbulb Abbreviation Nightmare

Okay I'm slowly learning the Lingo and the terms, like when I see AEG I know it short for "Automatic Electric Gun" or that JG is short "Jing Gong"

But just a moment ago I was reading a thread and the Abbreviation "EBR" pop up in the discussion. it took a bit of time to learn that is was shot for "Enhanced Battle Rifle" hell just Googleing "EBR" along got me "European Business Register" "Erik Buell Racing" and "Environmental Bill of Rights"

it was not till I added "M14" along with "EBR" that I was able to learn what it stands for.

Now I know it's going to be a tall order, but maybe a sticky could be created that list what all the different Abbreviation that are used as short hand for common use terms and brand names.

like this for example
  • TM = Tokyo Marui
  • CA = Classic Army
  • G&G = Guay and Guay
  • WE = Wei Etech
  • CQB = Close Quarters Battle
  • EBR = Enhanced Battle Rifle

I know it sounds like I want to be spoon feed, but if we create the list sooner then later, it could avoid some headaches down the road.

just a thought, though I think it's one worth thinking over.
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