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Well, since the topic is here, I am considering an M14 ebr as well. I have heard mixed reviews with g&g. TM I have heard mentioned a lot, what about the Ares M14 ebr ss. Money is not really an object, 1500 probably will top out my spending though, I want to have a little something left to put on some bells and whistles this month.

Any other suggestions? I am looking to possibly fill the DM role, I like to be able to hit what I see, so its also partly because I want some ranged accuracy. As well as the ability to put some fire downrange. I have the VFC HK416 CQB for a backup and a glock for a sidearm. So this is a second gun, most likely to become my primary.

That and the m14 I have not seen much, its a beast and I like the look, I wanted something somewhat unique.
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