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Originally Posted by The Hunter View Post
@Outcast569, Does CAC play at warpaint(or any outdoor place) weekly also? or just Trek?
Warpaint is available for booking by the public.
Believe its a first come first serve basis for booking.
Wednesday evenings are usually open nights for anyone to drop by and play, usually requiring about 10 people to play.
Last night, there was 21 players.

Sundays are usually booked by SOSIC, a local team in Calgary.
I believe its open to all who wish to play... but you should get their confirmation on it first.

Contact Shultz on the JOC boards for booking the Warpaint field.
Contact a team member of SOSIC on JOC for more info on playing on Sundays.

JOC also runs milsims at Warpaint, the most recent being OP: Risky Sun. Check out JOC for pics.. including the T-80 and MLRS.
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