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Arrow Starting Out - Am I doing things right?

Hey guys, marcus here.

So I recently decided to get into airsoft, I've always loved fooling around with nerf guns as a kid, taking the small daisy bb rifles to the firing range, going hunting with my father, etc etc. So I decided that airsoft was to be the next thing to try.
I went to the nearest sports store, and keeping some of my rules in mind, (explained below) I began searching for some beginner guns.
Immeadiately two guns in particular appealed to me. The Crosman Pulse R-71, and the Cybergun Kalashnikov Ak-47. Both guns top out at 200fps, and both are fully automatic. I bought them both.

The Buying Rules:
What is it made of? Does it appear to be cheap plastic or knock off metal? Does it appear sturdy? How much is it? Does it appear to be worth the price? Does it seem too good to be true? Is the package in a foreign language?

So, bringing them home, to my immeadiate dissatisfaction, the r-71 (Or mp5 a4) has a hopper, not a clip (How dare you crosman!). But the ak-47 has the proper clip. The r-71 came with a detachable stock, tac grip and the hopper (which looks like a sight, but really isnt). Both fired pretty well, but I guess that's from a beginner's perspective right?

Well, should there be anything else I need? I picked up .20 gram bbs, and a JT mask, so no worries there.

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