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the replicas are not cheap.. and filling in the barrels effectively destroys it, so for about 900$ you have 2 useless pretty looking guns. if you want to get the airsoft replicas....

If you are going to wreck the guns, go to canadian tire, buy the cheap clear berettas and paint them... though I have to admit, replicating chrome is going to be hard... but check the automotive paint section. If there is a chrome, you'll need a can of primer, a can of chrome and if they have pearl, if not there are autobody shops that can put pearl white paint into a spray can for you. Some sandpaper, some sculpey, carving tools and lots of work will do the rest in matching detail... sand paper and primer can fill in the etching on the guns, do your research and get the thai etching done at an engraver's shop maybe if they can fit the whole slide in the machine.

it's not a small project... but far cheaper than buying 2 airsoft pistols. That's probably about 100$ in stuff from canadian tire and micheals plus a few days of your time vs the alternative.

It probably can't be done in a week, either unless you don't have a full time job
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