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karma, it's a vendor in the AV section. There is one that sort of looks like the gun, it's chrome with the thai etching and pearlish hand grips, but the barrel is standard length. Revy's guns have longer barrels if I recall.

BTW you will not be allowed to take airsoft guns into a con if that's what you're thinking. Most cons have rules against any sort of weapon or weapon replica. You can't even bring blunt steel martial arts training weapons to most cons. So really the only thing you could get these guns for is to do photoshoots in private locations, please don't even try to take AS guns to a con as part of a costume... not even canadian tire clearsoft. It's a good way to get kicked out, get them confiscated or have people freak out and call the police. Believe me, it's happened, I've seen it in person at cons over the years.
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