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Originally Posted by appa609 View Post
The reason I bought a spring (not sniper, per se) rifle as opposed to an aeg is that in my experience, a 50 dollar springer will always outlast a 50 dollar lpeg, and I had a bad experience with my first aeg's gearbox cracking. At the time of its purchase, I didn't have enough money to opt for a JG or even a CYMA (despite a friend offering a fully upgraded JG M4 at $100)
You always get what you pay for in airsoft. My M249 has had the same parts in it for 4 years of hard use now, never once has the mechbox failed me. But I spent $350 on the internals alone.

If you want a gun that lasts, don't buy anything chinese or at walmart. Tokyo marui is the best long term, reliable budget gun out there. And buy G&P if you want something metal.
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