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I am having problems getting a hold of Karl St. Louis (ASC Username: Kable) lately after a trade between us was blotched and we agreed that we would simply trade back our guns to reverse the trade. Basically Kable contacted me in an attempt to trade his Tanaka M700 with my Magpul MK18 MOD1 on June 25th. Kable had obtained the M700 from Fireboy - who he too was having trade issues with since the gun was defective. When I questioned him about it, he told me that the problem was fixed completely when he bought a new bolt for the gun. Since I was looking for a sniper rifle anyway to replace my MK18, I agreed to the trade. On the same day (around 5AM), he drove all the way to Toronto from Montreal so that we could perform the trade. Now, this should have rang alarm bells instantly, but the immediate satisfaction of having a new gun overwhelmed me that day.

Fast forward to the first time I tried gaming with the rifle and it failed to shoot several times. I eventually brought it to Illusion and he diagnosed that the sear was heavily worn along with several other major problems. Most of the communication in regards to the gun was relayed between Kable, Illusion, Fireboy and myself. Illusion knows of all the problems with the M700 in detail. Finally, Kable had agreed to simply shipping my gun back by the end of the week and reversing the trade completely since there were so many issues. This was on July 20th and the agreement was sent out to all three parties involved in this matter (Illusion, Fireboy and myself). Over the week after, I tried contacting him on both ASC PM and MSN in regards to shipping confirmation but he had yet to ship anything. He suddenly stopped appearing online on MSN and had stopped responding to my PM's on ASC.

I contacted him on Tuesday, giving him an ultimatum of Thursday (today) to respond before I proceed with seeking other forms of problem resolution (ASC Staff, Police, etc). I can confirm that he has indeed read the message as I had received a read confirmation receipt. He also has logged on the forums several times since I sent him the PM.

Can an administrator try contacting him and possibly suspend his AV privileges until this matter is resolved?

ASC User in Question: Kable
The Original Trade Dispute: Here
I had the same kind of issue with another user a few months back... bought a gun for a reasonable price, was told it worked great and had a few nice upgrades, got the gun without even thinking of trying it out.. till I gamed it to find it shot nothing more then 100 fps, the gears were stripped and the piston head had a crack in it. After trying to contact him for months, I gave up. Seems these issues are popping up more and more.... I even told him I was going to involve the law, and he still didn't reply. I'm becoming less and less confident in the ASC classifieds. I think some kind of buyer security should be addressed...
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