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Thank you all. I should not try to be a sniper, though I'm sure the associated skills will be helpful in any role, and I will practice. I consider myself a designated marksman instead, who takes out longer range targets than the rest of my squad, but moves as a team. The reason I bought a spring (not sniper, per se) rifle as opposed to an aeg is that in my experience, a 50 dollar springer will always outlast a 50 dollar lpeg, and I had a bad experience with my first aeg's gearbox cracking. At the time of its purchase, I didn't have enough money to opt for a JG or even a CYMA (despite a friend offering a fully upgraded JG M4 at $100) I do realize the obvious advantage of AEG's and one will likely be my next gun. Probably a nice m-14.
For my grade, I am also quite good at physics, on paper at least, though I'm sure practice will do much good.

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