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Originally Posted by Danke View Post
Do the math, a fighting load carrier type vest with the pouches sewn on, vs. a Molle one. The vest and the pouches are the same but the Molle version has the loops on the vest and the straps on the pouches. The extra material make it heavier. The pouches also stick out farther as a result of this.
That's only a technicality; my plate carrier weighs 35lbs fully loaded, plus a 20lb gun, and that's my 24 hour game loadout. I don't really notice the extra 300 grams of the MOLLE system lol

Also worth noting is the variety of pouches you get with MOLLE. The generic crossdraw style vest has the most horrible M4 mag pouches ever. Huge velcro flaps, really deep pouches, and sometimes way too tight. But some people like spending their afternoon changing a mag, and some people like to do it like they're trying to set a record lol
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