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Originally Posted by appa609 View Post
Also, since I barely have the funds for arms and ammo, let alone a radio of decent quality, will a continuous cellphone conversation work?

Finally, regarding your prior advice again, how do I flank them safely, quietly, and quickly? I have no more camo than dull clothes, my steps are somewhat audible, I lack training in concealment, and the woods are dense enough to conceal an enemy ambush to either flank. How do I tread to avoid compromise?
First, do you really want to accidentaly damage or destroy your cell phone? i highly reccomend against bringing it into games. Getting the screen shot out would really suck.

Second, as you stated: You have no camo, no training in concealment, your loud when you walk. I personally dont think Sniping is for you. A guy i know was a Sniper with the Canadian Forces. Its not something you take lightly. Its a serious commitment which requires a lot of training and skill. Both of which you stated you lack. You really need to reconsider why you puchased a sniper rifle to begin with. You wouldve been a lot better off buying an AEG.
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