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Battery Blues

I use a FireFox 15C 11.1V LiPo in my gun. Its only about a month old and has only been used like 7 times. I balance charge it.

The other day I was shooting my G36 and suddenly, it just died. So i go to charge my battery up and it shows up as DONE after 7 minutes. First WTF?

So i try using it, and all I get is a click that usually happens when I am low on juice. Now I am clueless about what battery to get. I have heard that FireFox batteries are good, but this one has just crapped out on me.

This is really ticking me off because I have other batteries that I use for R/C and I don't even balance charge those. Yet, they have lasted for over a year and a half. One of them has lasted me 3 years! So what the heck!

Did I just get a lemon or should I use something else? Also, I must use 11.1V LiPos because my gun's been upgraded. Anything less will not work.
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