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Thank you, that makes a lot of sense. At least now I know I was in the right direction when I decided to upgrade my sidearm.
I read in the tactics forum that leaning the rifle to one side or another in wind will allow the hopup to counter the wind, giving a mostly straight shot. I was wondering whether or not there was a rule of thumb to determine wind speed, or one to determine the required angle of tilt so that the bb sufficiently counters the wind, while still allowing the hopup to mostly support the bb's weight, or if this is simply intuition.

Also, I am curious as to exactly how I can best manage my meager volume of fire to actually pin down the enemy. Assuming I stay concealed, they may very well fail to notice my fire, amid the automatic barrage of our squad. Do I actually try to mainly get kills, or do I try to create the illusion of more of our members encircling their rear, or something else completely?

Do you think a scope would be a worthy investment considering the short eye relief of binocs?

Also, since I barely have the funds for arms and ammo, let alone a radio of decent quality, will a continuous cellphone conversation work?

Finally, regarding your prior advice again, how do I flank them safely, quietly, and quickly? I have no more camo than dull clothes, my steps are somewhat audible, I lack training in concealment, and the woods are dense enough to conceal an enemy ambush to either flank. How do I tread to avoid compromise?

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