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There is actually a section about tactics if you looked a bit I'm sure you can find it.
This forum is a great tool with many knowledgeable members on a whole range of topics. But we ask you to try ans use the search function first. Then if you have more specific questions about the things you have discovered or truly can't find info feel free to ask questions.

For an example instead of "So does anyone have any useful tactics for a marksman who is not well camoflauged, with a pair of binoculars and a bolt action which outranges most of the opposition?"

A better question would be " I've read that as a sniper with superior range over aegs I should help support assaults or to pin down enemies. Where should I position myself to best accomplish this?"

Anyways you get the hi and low of what I'm trying to get at I hope. Enjoy the forum, and read those FAQ's.
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