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A lot of this discussion seems to be missing the point of the original post. The title of the thread was "To those who want to try and smuggle guns across the border." not "To those who want to try and legally import guns across the border." There are lots of talks, especially with people who have no intentions of ever being verified or supporting Canadian retailers, trying to gain advice on how to smuggle and bring prohibited items into Canada. There are many legal ways in which how to do it, but they either don't have the patience to learn how or don't care and would rather press their luck. They know it's illegal, yet still make attempts anyways. This is one of those cases.

This man didn't declare prohibited items in his car because he knew they would be confiscated. He willingly and knowingly attempted to subvert the law and failed. He will be spending some years in jail. Just because this is a "sport" or a "hobby" doesn't make breaking the law justified.
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