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Originally Posted by Armed Infidel View Post
Originally Posted by jakster
So what do you this? Tempted to give it a try. I'll talk to a border security friend and see what they have to say. Anybody else thinking of bringing their AEG/GBB

For my fellow Canadians, I have good news! We are legally able to bring our full metal/full black airsoft guns across the border AND get them back into Canada! No more needing to bring Cansoft or using rentals!
I have personally tested this process, so I can vouch that it works.
What you need to do is:
1) get all of the guns you want to take with you into cases/bags.
2) if you have them, get all of your purchase receipts for your guns.
3) Go to your nearest CBSA office (there is a list of offices on the CBSA website)
4) Tell them you need a Y38 form filled out as you would like to attend an American Airsoft game and take your own equipment.
5) They will ask to inspect your guns, and document them all on the green Y38 form.
6) If your gun does not have a visible serial number, they will put a translucent yellow 'Canada' sticker on the gun. (If this happens, I suggest using something to make sure it stays on: epoxy, clearcoat, layer of clear tape over it...etc, as they don't stick well)
7) Put the completed and signed Green Y38 form and all receipts into your gun bag so you don't lose it.
8) Go to Operation Pine Plains!
9) On return to Canada, declare you are returning from an airsoft game, and have the Y38 card with your passport when you hand your documentation over to the CBSA Border Guard.

I cannot promise that they won't pull you over and check everything to make sure, but you WILL be able to bring your own equipment and get it back into Canada.

If you would like more information, feel free to contact me as I have personally gone through this process successfully. Currently we have successfully registered: 1 VFC SCAR-L, 2 VFC SCAR -H (one with an EGLM), 1 VFC SR16ES, 1 Ares Tavor, 1 KWA USP 45, 2 Glock 18c, 1 P229, 1 Glock 23, 1 Magpul PTS Masada ACR.

Contact information:

Bloodsport....just wondering if this is valid to your knowledge??...going to Pine Plains in October..haven't talked to Jakster directly(but will) but wondering if this is something you have heard about?
It is true, for more information (its in the AV section) see

I wrote that up after having talked with CBSA and another local user emailing CBSA/RCMP.

There are legal ways to get your stuff down and back and in theory legal ways to import, but I for one am not willing to risk my money on trying to import.
Ottawa's Local Airsoft Site:
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