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I havent chimed in on a thread in a while so this one is the one.

I am a trucker. I have crossed the border several times. I have invested a lot of time and money into geting all the documentation and clearence I can get to make sure I'm legit.

I have dealt with CBSA agents all across Canada at each of the ports of entry. The common mistake people make is that they are stupid. The next is that people think if one POI is tough, the next one or two over wont be. They are paid to know and detect what you are doing wrong. Never think you can out smart them. There are LEGAL ways to get stuff in the country yourself. I have done it. Im not going to say how because everyone should research and understand the rules themselves. This not only goes for airsoft but EVERYTHING and the first thing you will be told, if caught, is that ignorance of the law is not a defence in court. "I didnt know" won't work.

When I started trucking I was told this very simple thing. If I get caught doing what I shouldnt be, I will NEVER be allowed to cross the border again.
Is it really worth it?
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