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Question Noob Marksman Advice

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For all those DM's and Snipers and Sharpshooters and plain ole' good shots out there, what is your tactical and strategic advice for a springer slingin noob with minimal camoflauge (dark green shirt and grey-brown pants) with binoculars?

I am 6'0"
148 lb
have almost no stealth experience.
Like to work in a team, but am just as effective individually
has pretty good eyesight,
and has rather good patience, and decent observational skills.

Thanks. I've been getting killed a lot at really short range by lpeg, aep, and shotgun wielders, and I know I should be able to at least match them as I have at least a 2.5:1 rage advantage. I know and admit to being basically defenseless against real aeg's, short of a few other players to support me. Also, countersniper advice would also be helpful, as I don't really want to get hit by my friend's 550 fps Christmas gift.

Thanks, Bill.

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