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Originally Posted by takagari View Post
Wow you guys are jumping on people importing?

There ARE legal ways to bring legal unrestricted firarms.

Since he brought these from most likely a store, these probably wern't shooting the required 427 fps.

and he didn't declare them.

This is definetly not a statement for why you should only by canadian rifles. It's more of a don't be a dumb ass smuggler article.

However paying someone else to import legally for you is probably easier.
+2!! You can import airsoft guns, just follow the rules and you will not have a problem. The key is knowing the rules and following them. I imported one of mine no problem, had a chrono sheet stamped and signed by the dealer certifying the fps and proper receipts etc. I declared it, had to go in and show all the paperwork, paid some duties on it, and drove home. The dork in the article probably would have avoided all the problems if he had declared them and then had all the appropriate paperwork. Of course if you make a decision to try to break the law and get away with something and get caught you deserve what you get.

As for supporting Canadian retailers, I will buy parts, mags, bb's, and gear from them for the most part, but when guns are 30-50% more expensive and I can import the same gun legally I will have to pass.
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