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Originally Posted by The Hunter View Post
I love there boots, for 159 bucks they are comfy, super light and composite toe (double as work boots). I think they are made by "Original Swat". I send all my employees there to buy those boots.
I agree with Death2000. they are worth checking out if you have not been there, I have been buying there for a long long time and the staff are very friendly.

On a side note, I came accross this and wish it could be ordered, lol just for the novelty of it, love Robocop. haha
Im not a fan of Original SWAT personally. I prefer Danner and Magnum. I find the Danners much better and last a lot longer.

Ive seen the Robocop gun in Canada. A guy i knew once owned one. Its a Berreta M92F thats been modified. Their not that exciting. Their quite finicky too. The guy that owned it sold it shortly after aquiring it.
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