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Originally Posted by Drake View Post
There's actually quite a few more which got PM'd to me directly and its a safe bet other admins (and mods) get PMs too.

THIS is a big part of what's going on. Not entirely, there's some real problems with trades happening, but some people freak out the second things don't happen instantly. You don't have to sit on a deal for months, but give people a couple of days to ship stuff; understand people have lives and may not be sitting in front of their computer 24/7, etc.

Another problem is some people a fucking cheap. They'll haggle over $5 (for $500+ worth of stuff being shipped) and take the slowest (cheapest) shipping method with no insurance and no tracking... THEN play the victim when something goes wrong. It should almost be mandatory that shipping include a tracking number and if sub-forum did end up being created I think I'd want to see that rule added.

There's also some ambiguity with feedback, since bad trades which do get resolved rarely end with negative feedback being left: in fact if the seller adds a little "extra" to compensate for the problem, the buying will usually end up leaving Positive. Sometimes its an honest mistake on the seller's end and "making up for it" is the right thing to do -- and that deserves positive feedback. But in other cases it only masks the problem. Sure you'll get your stuff in the end, maybe with a little extra something, but you'll have to wait and fight for it. So maybe more detailed feedback is in order.

I know I've also been a lot quicker to pull AV status for repeat offenders and particularly troublesome users (HINT: if I PM you about a trade dispute, ignoring my PM is a fantastic way to guarantee you'll lose your AV status permanently. Fucking idiot.)
Well, this confirms my thoughts. Wall of text inbound in the newb tank, for the good it will do.
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