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To those who want to try and smuggle guns across the border.

This came to the attention of the ASC staff several months ago, the user in question back then had their age verification removed at that time.

We just received this via PM's recently. Said user is now pending court on several charges.

So keep this in mind when the members here tell you to wait, get age verified and visit the retaillers already established in Canada and who are doing it legally.
"Canada Border Services Agency officials at the Pigeon River border crossing have confiscated a number of replica firearms from a Canadian resident.

The seizures happened on June 16, but the information was not released by the Canada Border Services until Thursday.

Eight airsoft replica firearms and four replica magazines were discovered in the vehicle and seized.

The driver, who failed to report the items, will appear in provincial court on Aug. 16 on charges related to smuggling prohibited weapons into Canada.

For more information about the right and obligations regarding guns or other weapons in Canada visit the CBSA online."
"Prosecutions and Seizures

Northern Ontario Region

Replica firearms seized at the Pigeon River port of entry

Pigeon River, Ontario, July 28, 2011 — The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) seized prohibited replica firearms from a Canadian resident at the Pigeon River port of entry last month.

On June 16, 2011, a CBSA officer referred a vehicle for a secondary examination. During the examination, officers discovered and seized a total of eight airsoft replica firearms and four replica magazines. The driver failed to report the replica firearms even when specifically questioned about the prohibited goods.

The driver was released on a Promise to Appear at an Ontario Provincial Court on August 16, 2011. A joint investigation into this case continues between the CBSA and the Ontario Provincial Police Provincial Weapons Enforcement Unit.

Replica firearms are prohibited from entering Canada under the Criminal Code, the Firearms Act and Customs Tariffs and may not be imported into Canada. The Customs Act stipulates that all goods entering Canada must be declared to the CBSA. Smuggling, untrue statements and other Customs Act violations may lead to prosecution in a court of law.

For information about your rights and obligations regarding the importation of guns and other weapons into Canada consult the Firearms and other restrictions section on the Information for visitors to Canada page. "

Notice the dates on these articles, these are recent, not "old news" So those who say it is safe to do, should recheck their facts.
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