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Originally Posted by appa609 View Post
Thanks. I did so, and it's now 2 ft off the mark at 100 ft. Not as good as hoped for, but good enough to hit someone at that range given 2 or 3 shots.
Thank you everyone.

Second question; As "marksman," I am defenseless...please know that the absolute budget of this venture is $60. Thanks.
One: A proper propane adapter alone will run you 25-35 dollars, depending who you buy it from. For you budget, invest in a springer. It will last you longer and cost you less.

Two: Don't try to ship airsoft guns from the US into Canada. It doesn't matter if the site offers "international shipping" or "shipping to Canada". 95% of the time airsoft guns are going to be seized at the Canadian border as "replica firearms", in which case you lose both the gun and the money you spent on it.

My best advice is to you would be to find out what is sold locally (at Cabelas, Walmart, Canadian Tire, etc.), and make a choice from there. You can still check reviews of any gun that catches you eye - I'm sure someone, somewhere has written up something on it.

Don't like the clear bodies? Get a can of flat black spraypaint, cover any bits of the gun you don't want painted with tape, and go over the gun in 3-4 light coats. I did this with my first airsoft gun years ago- also a cheap spring pistol - and the result looked great.
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