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Thanks. I did so, and it's now 2 ft off the mark at 100 ft. Not as good as hoped for, but good enough to hit someone at that range given 2 or 3 shots.
Thank you everyone.

Second question; As "marksman," I am defenseless even against a couple of spring pistol slingin opponents if they are within 30 ft of me (yes, that does make me an atrocious sniper.) and my old faithful spring pistol stopped being lost it's patience after 3 years and the piston sear broke off. Trying to get my money's worth, I tried to epoxy it back on. Not so lucky. Thus, I am now in search for a sidearm. Here are my most obvious options.
One is an old (really cheap) AEG which had it's air nozzle break due to my misdirected abuse. I managed to put the gearbox back together, and replaced all parts I lost in the past 2 years of negligence, except a working air nozzle. A suitable one is to be had from The War Store for $12, but there's no guarantee of success, as it was a $100 AEG to begin with.
Next, is a $30 P9 springer pistol from the local DSG which looks to about the same quality as my previous 3 year springer, but is less powerful at 215 fps* .12 g or so.
Also tempting from DSG (feel free to flame me about gratuitous mention of that forsaken place) is the Remington Tac-1 shotgun for $50 which is bigger, but will give me more range at 350 fps * .20 g, and based on my research, may have a 240 round hi-cap magazine compatible with my current rifle's 25+12 round mag. It does have some bad reviews, ironically involving mostly feed issues from the magazine.
Finally, I can get a 50 dollar package free shipping package from airsplat. The sidearm of choice there is the wingun 304 1911 from Tokyo Marui and WE (, for just $20. It fires at an impressive 350 fps* .20 g, and receives universal praise. However, it does have the obvious maintenance cost of gas (propane) for the rather low long term price of 0.00043 dollars per shot. Unless you haven't noticed, I'm leaning towards this. The only issue is that aside from a propane adaptor, I haven't a clue what to fill the rest of the $50 ($15) with. Perhaps a cheap shotgun or a bag of ammo?

Thank you all. If you intend to respond with suggestions, please know that the absolute budget of this venture is $60. Thanks.
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