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I'm no gun tech by any stretch of the imagination, but I'm afraid you may be suffering from "worn out gun syndrome".

As you said, the gun is cheap. Things wear down, wear out, bend, and warp with use. For 50 dollars, a years worth of play isn't a bad life for it. I think the general rule for those is "use it 'till it breaks".

That being said, you can probably find someone here who may offer suggestions as to what you can do to correct the problem...but you also have to consider if you really want to be shelling out for replacement parts on a budget gun.
Thank you for your opinion. Considering that I have seen some (superficial) cracks start to form in the plastic, this is a real possibility. However, I've only played about 5 games since the purchase of this gun, none being especially abusive towards the gun. Then again, there's very little quality assurance, so perhaps I received a lemon.

Update: I have partially disassembled the gun, and rotated the barrel. this seems to have corrected the problem to some degree. Now, it simply fires a wicked curve to the right. Any suggestions?
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