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Unhappy Please Help: Drunken BB

Hello everyone,
I'm a newbie-novice player from the great lakes region who plays marksman with my 50 dollar bolt action rifle :snipe:. I realize that this fact alone may make some of you want to skip to "Spend some money on a quality rifle," but being a freshman in high school who makes money by cutting neighbours' lawns when demand exists, I don't really have that option. Anyways, my problem.

Normally, my gun works perfectly fine, shooting mostly straight and true. I didn't do anything with it for a few weeks, and now, the BB seems to drop immediately. I tried to correct this with more hopup, but this lead to the titular problem; the BB exits the gun, and after initially curving slightly upwards, as would be expected, it starts to curve towards the right, and from there, performs a steady, clockwise barrel roll. Obviously, this does horrible things for aim, and dissipates so much energy that my range is instantly halved.

Now, as I stated before, this gun is cheap, and having owned it for almost a year, I have existing knowledge of several extant problems. I know that the aluminum barrel is slightly bent in one direction. However, the last time I took it apart, it was curving upwards, and I haven't modified it since. Also, the hop up bucking leans slightly to one side, about 10 degrees.

Additionally, 3 factors are unlikely to have caused this problem: wind (being nearly 0), reduced velocity (my poor-man's chrono reading almost the same as last month when it was working), and BB quality (I use rather nice G&G .28g biodegradeable rounds, guaranteed to be within .01 mm of 5.95mm).

Thank you all for reading about this problem, and unless you're one of the people who I have previously specified, then any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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