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Originally Posted by T9w0rd View Post
Alright guys, I need some help and I didn't want to create a whole other grenade launcher thread, so I'm sorry if I might be hijacking this thread. Anyways, here's my plan.
I'll be getting this gun-
This M203-
These shells-
So, my question is what parts would I need to run those shells in that launcher, because some of you mentioned steel parts, but I have no idea on where to get them. I live in the U.S. by the way. Is it easy to install the steel parts as well?

One more question, I'm a noob when it comes to all of this, so how do I charge the shells?
I got my steel parts from G&P the spring I use the G&P reinforced trigger spring from their gbbr the others are custom milled, 204 king/yellow dildo are snug on the G&P 203 but on mine they are fine (been using them alot) they fit nice on the CA

@ Sterlok, I invested way too much on these 120 plus nades and bastard.25 over the last three plus years (some been sold and replced due to being too worn down) ideally depends what kind of launchers you use around 30 will do, I went overboard because I have multiple launchers and I like to have spares. In a typical game I will go through around 60 or more depending on the game and my mood.

FYI the only thing I have to change so the most on these nades are the retaining O-Ringe, SS fill valves (replace the old brass ones) and three valve shuttles

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