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Originally Posted by The Hunter View Post
Another plus is 911 Supply also carries a lot of pants, holsters and different products that will work for airsoft too, and have good prices, only problem is not everyone can buy everyhthing that they stock, since they sell to police, EMS, Fire saftey and so on.
911 Supply is a great store. Their clothing line is predominantly 5.11 Tactical. They have a modest selection of boots and a wall of gloves and holsters. But you can almost buy anything in the store with no problems. Don't let the idea of the store being gear for Police/Fire/EMS scare you off. Only items that say Peace Officer/Police/Sheriff are restricted. I'm fortunate that the staff know me quite well so I've never had an issue purchasing items, and have yet to hear of someone having an issue.

Next time your their take a look at the Blade Tech Holsters. I love them. I'm planning on purchasing one for my P226. They also have a drop leg M4 triple mag platform. Great for carrying 3 extra mags if you don't want to run a chest rig.
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