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Radios are a great thing to organize your team and coordinate a multiple team attack or defense.

but if you let comms get out of hand then it can fast become a shit show... I love comms. I find the add alot to the game..

but I wish people would get the correct radios. Mixing FRS and GMRS is pure disaster.

Guys Get rid of your FRS... they Suck... they often can't get the range or clarity of a good 5watt GMRS...

My team picked up the FDC 460a for about 60.00 each with a spare battery and they work great. more durable then the GP68 and the batteries last much longer as well they have a much broader band.

you spend hundreds on guns and hundreds on equipment and the fricken cheap out on 25.00 FRS Radios...


spend the $60.00 and get a GOOD UHF 5Watt radio...
and a good headset - all in all about 100 - 150.00 tops and you will be happy

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