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Originally Posted by Zepp Dietrich View Post
Thanks wildcard. Glad you had one. Glad also to hear it is not outlawed to have a weapon system. Yes we are slightly more liberal in firearms here in Texas, but that is changang rapidly. With the boarder against Mexico more and more drug money is buying and having items shipped South. In some areas it is next to impossible to buy. Of course there is always the under the table items available for a price. And our Federal Government is stepping up the darn paper work for purchases no matter what they are. At one time to buy a case of shells was no problem. Today you have a brief case of papers to present when buying. Then the questions start. Why such a large amount. What is the intended use? Where are they going to be used and for what purpose.

Having a 9mm ware time Browning it requirs an act of Congress to buy shells now. Afew years ago one could walk into a store and buy several boxes, today one box if they can be found. Terror is the by word not. Anyone interested in a gun is a potential terrorist.

Thus the interest in a pellet airsoft Mauser. The internet does not list many varieties other than the D-Boy and I have ben told you cannot field strip it so have not bought as yet. No definate answer if it is one piece or several pieces. Been told till I am bue in the face that it is one piece. Being a retired engineer and accustom to injsction molding machines I cannot see hoe it is onc piece ABS plastic and show all the detail as it appears to show.

Thanks anyway.
try to find the ones made by Tanaka, i'm sure there are some available still, they are by far the better ones
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