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Originally Posted by mmmken View Post
Yeah, I can understand the "giggle factor".. running around with 15+ Tornadoes and two always ready and primed in your hands gives the pretty much the same feeling, but what I still don't get is how you manage with so many to reload - especially with CO2.

Do you often have to sit out rounds during skirmishes often?
No in a typical skirmishes, depend on the space or my extra arsenal i usually load anywhere from 30 to 60 nades which will consist of 24 cherries and anywhere from 24 to 30 kings either way it will give me more than what I need for the day the only time I ever recall bringing almost all of teh 60x cherries and 60x Kings are in one of Zeons game where there was thre terminator, that game i brought in almost 100 nades or 50 each.

FYI it takes about 2 hrs for 60 nades, that's including taking them apart, lubed, reset and load

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