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imagining the c02 nades have infinately more giggle factor then the madbull shotshells on Co2 ... I dunno if I should step into the grenadier field LOL ... when I had my double barrel on madbull CO2 shells it was useless past 50ft ... but it sounded like a .22 going off. I would carry it as a "special sidearm" and people would forget I had it, till it went off ... then every single person that hadn't seen me pull it would hit the ground for 100ft around me (my team or not) ... and I would have one of those evil madman giggle 'fit' ..

I might not be able to regain my composure at all from a CO2 40mm ... have to get stretchered off the field with the launcher in a deadman hold and a stupid joker grin permenately afixed....
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