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Hey everyone...I am new to airsfot, as in I've never played it. I am going to be 21 years old later this year...and I from S.W. Ontario. A bit of a background...I used to be in the Canadian forces through out highschool (4RCR!), I have owned real guns and hunted for many years and I now shoot in the Canadian open IPSC divison and hopfully will be shooting in 3 gun comps if we can get them started up on a larger scale here in Canada. My gun club I shoot at is EESA...maybe some of the other members are on here? I am now currently going through school to be a Police officer.

I had thought up until yesterday that airsoft was played with those cheap looking airsoft guns you get from Canadian Tire that cost $20.00-$100.00 but was told I am totally wrong. This was brought up while playing paintball at Adrenaline Paintball as I was getting annoyed at the lack of range and accuracy that was causing me to miss who I was shooting act. NOW where to I get the better or "real" airsoft guns and where do I play?

Much thanks, UTAF
To have access to "real airsoft" you must get age verified.

Here is a link, read and follow the info in that link.

Edit: oh this again Ritz?
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