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Originally Posted by mmmken View Post
What I really want to know is how do you have so much patience from getting ready at games? I tried running with 15+ Tornadoes at a game, and reloading them took ages. I stopped bringing them to games afterwards.

I can't imagine what reloading all of those would be like since they're much harder to load than Tornadoes.
The answer to your question is simple "the giggle factor" everytime coachster, duckman and I fired our nades we giggle like kids, especially when the opponents were using propane powered nades, seeing them yelled out hit, hit, hit or seeing the survivor ran for cover is priceless. One of the games I recalled was a stalemate in a corridor the otherside were firing and then one of them decide to fire a 40mm nades down the hall (about 150ft) it barely reached half way, my response with the CO2 were more satisfying, after firing three rapid rounds with my revolver launcher, making everyone deaf we could see about half of those hunkered down walked off, the remaining squad was very cautious when they poked their heads out, then one of those guys shouted he's empty, get them!.....three more shots later another 8 fell victim to the 108 cherries.......Fuck he's out get him!.....Two more shots of the 204 glden dildo the last three called hit, on the way out they could not beleive their eyes and noticed that 20plus guys can't past a corridor being held down by two shooter and a grenadier with too many nades. I change the configuration on my launcher all the time (sometime the opponents would count my shots) The launcher revolver can be reconfigured with additional launchers attached to the rail system.
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