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Originally Posted by Katlyn Cage View Post
yes i agree with what you are saying armoredshell, and everyone else. but paypal will not help in a "trade" situation. and that is what i was thinking of with the "airsoft officer" type idea. for example, i pay a reputible member in the area of the trade issue to pick up my item from the said seller. i then pay him to ship the item to me. that is the "plan" with stocko. now if it doesnt work out for him to pick up, i guess i will have to press charges. but if it does work, i now have my said item, stocko will have a little extra cash, and the "seller" will have realized that he gave me his address, phone number, and name so he cant hide from his problems.

That's an escrow service. At the very least it adds costs for the second shipping wave, plus what ever handling fee since there would have to be tests to figure out the true condition.

Personally I would be willing to do this but with the new wave of penny pinching players adding more money to the price tag would probably not make it work on a wide scale.
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