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trader rating and how long they've been with asc says alot with what ive learned. like hell if the guys AV'd just a month ago and is selling some "high end upgraded" aeg at a "reasonable price" red flags start popping up in my eyes.

a HUGE problem is this sport has gained popularity in leaps and bounds over the past couple years that yes more and more issues will arise. it never helps with new stores that dont follow age guidelines that ASC and other retailers in canada have made into stone to sell airsoft guns to (ie crappy tire and the new cabelas in edmonton selling to people less then 18). I dont blame anyone but the guilty parties for this.

When what i call 'illegitimate' people start playing the sport issues always come into play. its something we either we have to deal with now and immediately as it arises or itll push loyal players from the game.
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