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Originally Posted by kalnaren View Post
There's a reason I will now only buy shit from a reputable ASC dealer. I'd say 75% of the private buys I've done through the classifieds have been fucked in some way or another. They range from the seller not thoroughly inspecting an item before sending it to me and thus it's not 100% as described, to sellers knowingly shipping me physically broken guns. My favorite was a gun that had the entire front RIS epoxied onto the body. That one spent a day in a machine shop being fixed.

All of these transactions are more than a year old though. I wonder if people are just a) reporting it more, b) we just have more inventory moving through ASC classifieds and thus the rate of problems has gone up, or c) people are in fact scamming more.

It would be interesting, though probably not possible, to see if the trade dispute amount vs. "sold" item amount has remained consistent or if it is in fact going up.

It's also of interest to note (at least for myself) than in the last year or two the quality of people at airsoft games has declined significantly... it's the main reason I barely play anymore. Coincidence?
The numbers of nubby players trying to passed on broken shitty guns as lightly used are increasing THAT is totally a new level of bullshit. Players quality declining? well that ship has been dropping off it's cargo since clearsoft become more available to kiddies, call me an old fart or a miserable fucking elitist but all this bullshit can be managed if we had been a bit more stringent on who we let into our hobby. All this bullshit didn't exist back when I started playing in 89. crying about being shot pointblank, hot gun, full auto, and the rest of that bullcrap that occurs in the games today it rarely exist when it does showed up we simply stomped it so fucking hard that the offending party moved on to more passive shooting hobby such as paintball or nerfgun. New players should shut the fuck up, play more and troll less airsoft isn't something you can learn from being behind a monitor.
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