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I think it's moreso the "randoms" that make the trade issues. Sure once in a while it will be a fairly reputable member (ie. the whole thing with Lerch who was even in the CF.... AFAIK the 2 people he owes money/items to still haven't gotten their stuff) but for the most part they're usually just "randoms" that get AV'ed and don't really do anything much in the local scene.

I would maybe propose implementing some sort of system where the potential member would have to attend say 2 or 3 games before being able to be AV'ed? Maybe moving to something like the UK system so that players would have to have "proof" of them being players who are serious and plus you meet people and they can vouch or at least have better contact info in case a trade does go south (ie. just had a baby and needs to deal with other things first, or got movement orders and is getting a friend/family member to complete trade).
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