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Rise of trade issues, what the fuck?

Ok, I've been sitting on this for a couple of months now but now I'm just too pissed to do so anymore.

I've been registered here for 7 years and I was lurking a few more before that. Never has there been so many issues posted up than in 2011.

We used to get a few a year, but now we seem to get a few a month. Just right now there are around few a month.

As a seller I have no issues with dealing with new people, but unfortunately, as of now, I will no longer buy from people with less than a year on their join date and at least a few successful high value deals in their feedback.

Still, even then, this is only a stop gap solution and doesn't address the core issue.

Over the next days I'll look into all the incidents I can get my hands on and try to distill something useful.

Still, every solution I can think of either violates user privacy to an extent or has other undesirable effects. Besides, I don't think anyone here is register friendly.

Right now, my better suggestions would be to restrict posting privileges of newer users, a sponsor system and an escrow system.

I would also appreciate it if people who have had a previous transaction go south pm me the case info, mainly resolution methods and results. You are more than welcome to PM me this info or post it here, just remember to clear any personal info if you post it publicly.

If you know of a case not on the following list, please send me a link to the thread.

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